Screen projects in development

Masters of Deceit

In the high-stakes art world of London’s swinging ’60s, notorious art forger Eric Hebborn outsmarts back-stabbing dealers, aristocrats, spies, investigators and mafia assassins to become the most successful faker of all time. A true story.

  • Limited Series
  • Peter Gerard: Co-Creator and Co-Writer
  • In collaboration with Kingston Trinder
  • In development
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The Benches of Houston Street

Why do people sit in the middle of the road in one of New York City's busiest thoroughfares?

  • Short Documentary
  • Peter Gerard: Co-Director
  • In collaboration with Andrew Mer
  • In Production

Recently Completed

The Point of a Ride

An avid cyclist tries to let go of his obsession with the competitive redistribution of NYC's bike share program.

  • Bicycle Film Festival 2018 - NYC & London
  • Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2018